Chemical Logistics in Russia, ChemoLogic2018

ChemoLogic2016 10 Annual Conference

Venue: Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RSPP), 17 Kotelnicheskaya emb., Moscow, Russia On the Map

The list of our valued regular participants includes the following companies and organizations: Clariant, CEFIC (SQAS), Rostechnadzor, UralChem, SIBUR, RusChlor, Minpromtorg, Mineconomrazvitiya, Federal Customs Service, Russian Chemists Union, RZD Logistics, BASF, Spectransgarant, KuibyshevAzot, Pigment, Dow, Rohm and Haas, Covestro, SpetsTyazhTrans, ChemInvestTrans, Russian Intermodal Logistics Association, Allianz, MOLKOM, DB Cargo BTT GmbH, PhosAgro, ShchyokinoAzot, Forex, Himpack, TransNefteChem, EuroSib, Infotec Baltica M, TOMET, Minimalogic, MendeleevskAzot, GC Maximum, Baltica-Trans, Borger, NizhnekamskNefteChem, Aurat, Acron, HimProm, Roszimdor, Arkema, Lanxess, TransChem, Knight Frank, Eltrans+, SouyzChemTrade, MTA Intern. Sped. GmbH, Logistics Alliance Germany, RCTU, Morstroytechology, CenterLack, AVON, Yves Rocher, ChemPartners, DLS-Russia, Bertschi, Chem-Courier and others.

Key Topics of the Conference:

   State Regulation of the Chemical Industry in the Logistics Field

   Recent Changes in Key Logistics Factors of Chemicals Turnover

   New Challenges and Appropriate Logistics Solutions for Chemical Industry

Key Speakers:

 Savinov Vyacheslav Sergeevich, Executive Director of the Russian Chemists Union (RCU), Honored Chemist of the Russian Federation, Honored Worker of Industry of the Moscow Region.

 Oleynik Alexander, Director of Supply Chain Management, Deloitte.

 Agarkova Irina Sergeevna, Head of Logistics Network Development, SIBUR.

 Korotkevich Ivan Vladimirovich, Head of Development and Improvement of Production Activities, URALCHEM-TRANS.

 Fedyna Alexander Mikhailovich, Project Director of Logistic platform ZapSib-2, Zapsibneftekhim.

Invited representatives of the Federal Executive Authorities:

  • • Ministry of Transport (Mintrans)
  • • Federal Authority for Transport Oversight (Rostransnadzor)
  • • Federal Environmental, Industrial and Nuclear Supervision Service (Rosteсhnadzor).

Key Points of the Program:

09:00   Registration of participants. Welcome coffee.

10:00   Session 1. State Regulation of the Chemical Industry in the Logistics Field. - Key Speakers from the Federal Executive Authorities and Professional Business Associations:

 Savinov Vyacheslav Sergeevich, Russian Chemists Union (RCU),
 Ministry of Transport (Mintrans),
 Federal Authority for Transport Oversight (Rostransnadzor)
 Federal Environmental, Industrial and Nuclear Supervision Service (Rosteсhnadzor),
 Oleynik Alexander, Deloitte.

12:00   Coffee break

12:20   Session 2. Resources for Chemicals Turnover Improvement. - Top Experts from Chemical and Logistics Services Companies:

• Agarkova Irina Sergeevna, SIBUR,
• Korotkevich Ivan Vladimirovich, URALCHEM-TRANS,
• EuroChem, to be confirmed

14:00   Launch break

15:00   Session 3. Time for change - new business opportunities. - Top Experts from Chemical and Business Services Companies:

• Marchenkov Ivan Vladimirovich, Chem-Courier (Ukraine) ,
• Fedyna Alexander Mikhailovich, Zapsibneftekhim,
• Vdovenko Alexey, Syngenta
• Tyupin Sergey Gennadievich, Bertschi

16:15   Coffee break

16:40   Session 4. Delivering Professional Solutions for the Chemical Industry. - Top Experts from Logistics Services Companies:

• Boldachev Alexander, APLA,
• Shugin Andrey Evgenievich, Spetstransgarant,
• Yankovich Anton Fedorovich, Betta
• Makarova Anna Sergeevna, Responsible Care.

18:00   Closure of the Conference and a Networking Cocktail.

The Conference will be accompanied by Russian-English translation.

Watch the video from ChemoLogic 2016

The Coming Conference will be extremely useful for:

- Heads of Chemical Companies
- Heads of Commercial Departments
- Logistics Directors
- Supply Chain Directors
- Heads of Professional Associations 

T: +7(495) 118-31-87
M: +7(903) 136-6166
Yevgeny Sinyakov, Executive Program Director

Delegate Fee: €450